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Area of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

What You Have To Say Is Important
Just like you, I too have experienced many of life’s challenges, including divorce, depression, chronic illness, and the death of loved ones.
I understand the importance of listening to your story.
Areas of Expertise
Grief Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Family Conflict
Anxiety and Depression
Women in Transition
Family at a Beach

Family Therapy

Each person in any family deals with their own stresses, and arguments can occur even in the closest families. It’s when this becomes a problem that counseling is helpful. Family counseling can also be helpful when someone in the family is going through intense individual therapy so that the family and individual can learn to work together toward mutual cooperation and love.

Therapy for families can take different forms. In some cases, where the friction is between just a few family members, it might be quite small. In others, it can involve multiple generations and even family friends and thus become more like group counseling. Because each family is unique, treatment cannot be uniform. I am experienced in a range deep rooted problems, and I can use my expertise to help your family heal together in a safe environment.

Contact me if you believe your home life could benefit from family therapy. 

Marriage Counseling

The modern world poses many challenges to even the most dedicated couples. Countless pressures, ranging from work to society stresses a relationship. Marriage counseling helps couples get through challenging times in their relationship.

As a marriage therapist, I work with couples in a way that enables them to feel safe and comfortable. We will work through what is troubling you in your marriage. Be it lack of communication, anger, resentment or trust issues, we will work through the details. Together we can restore harmony, understanding, and love to your relationship.

If you think it’s time for you and your significant other to seek professional help through relationship or marriage counseling, contact me today!


Women in Transition

We Women Have A Tough Time. We Face Many Changes In Our Lives. We Often Feel Alone and Defeated.

So much of what happens in our life is unexpected. It's not turning out the way it was supposed to. We get surprised and overwhelmed. We don't know what to do or how do it.

Many of us, as women, have been told to "keep the peace", "don't cause a problem", or "keep quiet about it", even if we are scared or sad.


You can get help and support from a therapist who cares. You can learn that you have choices that will make your situation better and more manageable.

I have faced many of these personal challenges myself. Loss, parenting, illness, relationships, feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope; this happens to all of us.


I am here to help you. Please do not spend another day feeling alone and upset. I want to hear your story and offer depression counseling, anxiety counseling, or just friendly advice.

Give yourself the opportunity for a relationship that is just for you and that will make a difference in your life. I specialize in women in transition and can offer you grief counseling and much more. Call me today. 

Contact Me

If you need immediate assistance,

please call me at (973) 727-8290

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