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Let's start working towards a better and healthier you.

1. Communicate your way

I'm here to listen and support you in whatever way feels most comfortable for you.

2. Online & In-person

Whether you prefer online or in-person sessions, we offer flexibility to accommodate your needs.

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Family Therapy

Every family has its own problems, and sometimes, people argue, even in really close families. Getting help from a counselor can be very useful when these problems turn into real issues.

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Grief Counseling

We talk about acceptance, the hardest task, and how to think about moving forward. We talk about how your daily life has changed. How your life has been turned upside down and how to get through the cycles of depression while trying to adjust to a new kind of life.

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Marriage Counseling

We will work through what is troubling you in your marriage. Be it lack of communication, anger, resentment or trust issues, we will work through the details. Together we can restore harmony, understanding, and love to your relationship.


"I can actually see progress

in my mental health."

Be gentle with yourself.

Depression and anxiety can be difficult to overcome. Don't do it alone. Join the 1000s of people I've helped with mental health, well-being, and therapy.

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You don't need to do it alone.

Even when surrounded by people, sometimes we might feel alone. This is scary, but know that there are people who want to help you.

Life coaching

Find out what others have been saying.

"Judy has helped me achieve long term goals such as career, living arrangements, and more, by working with me to learn how I can successfully navigate my anxiety, fear, self doubt.


She has been both flexible and tough, a compass when I had none, and always kind."


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