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You have a story to tell...

I want to hear it. 

What You Have To Say Is Important.

"Judith was quite literally a life-saver for me after I suffered a traumatic loss. She helped me cope with emotions of an intensity I never felt before and regroup my family for the next phase of our life together.


I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't made the decision to call her."


~ David

Judith Zucker, LCSW

Judith P. Zucker


I am an experienced family therapist located in Morristown, New Jersey.

You do not have to struggle alone.

I am here to help.


Areas of Expertise

Grief Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Family Conflict
Anxiety and Depression
Women in Transition

"Judith is a wonderful therapist who has been able to gently but firmly help me to overcome areas in my life where I felt overwhelmingly stuck and hopeless. She is an empathetic and insightful practitioner. I highly recommend her services."


~ Sylvie L.

Learn About Groups

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"Judy has helped me achieve long term goals such as career, living arrangements, and more, by working with me to learn how I can successfully navigate my anxiety, fear, self doubt.


She has been both flexible and tough, a compass when I had none, and always kind."


~ Cathy

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Please Reach Out:

... if you have lost a loved one.

... if you are overwhelmed by life's circumstances.

... if you are experiencing anxiety or depression.

... if you are struggling with other personal issues.

You Are Not Alone. I Am Here For You.

"Judy listens!  Judy is patient. She is wise and innovative.
She understands and you feel that you are not in it alone"


~ Leah

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Contact Me

If you need immediate assistance,

please call me at (973) 727-8290

or you can email me at

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