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How To Cope After Losing A Life Partner

If you’ve stumbled upon this post then I am assuming you have recently lost your life partner

or are trying to help someone that recently has. Let me start by saying,I am very sorry for your loss.

Healing from a deep loss takes a lot of time. If you can remind yourself that pain goes through cycles, you can take steps toward relieving some of the sting. Below are some of the steps that might help ease the transition.

  • Know that it is important to grieve- You have lost your life partner and it is very normal to feel lost. Allowing yourself to mourn the loss is an essential part of healing.

  • Grieve how you see fit- Not everyone grieves the same. Your experience is unique based on the relationship with the person. It’s your path to follow.

  • Express your thoughts and feelings - When you begin to share your grief you begin to heal. Recognize what made your partner so important to you.

  • Recognize the different emotions you may be feeling - During this time you may feel a mixture of emotions. Don’t be overwhelmed and try to understand each one as it comes.

  • Find a support system - Reach out to your immediate network of family and friends. Reach out to a therapist. Join a group to grieve with others.

  • Recognize that this is going to be difficult - Grieving takes a toll on a person emotionally and physically. Listen to your body during this time.

  • Don’t force yourself back to “normal” - Don’t feel pressured to assume your daily routine or fake happiness. Grieve and feel the emotions until you are ready to return to normalcy.

  • Reflect - Use this time to think of all the wonderful times you had with your partner. Be appreciative for these moments, events and whatever else brings you peace.

If you are looking for professional help when grieving the loss of a life partner, contact me.

If you need immediate assistance, please call me at (973) 727-8290 or you can email me at


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