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How to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy

It would be wrong to say that relationships are simple. They take nurturing, work, love and care. I’m sure after reading that some sort of relationship popped into your brain that you enjoy caring for. I’d like to share with you a few ways to keep your relationship strong and happy.

  1. If this is an intimate relationship- discover each other's love languages. This is a great way to show the other you care while being mindful of how they receive love. Follow this link to the online test:

  2. Communication is key in a healthy relationship. Expressing feelings, talking out decisions, acknowledging boundaries and learning to trust one another all fall under the communication category.

  3. Maintain routines. This doesn’t have to be something as detailed as brushing your teeth together every morning at seven, but something like every 3rd Saturday of the month you plan a date night or someone is responsible for doing the laundry each week. Small routines are a way to keep the relationship consistent while also showing love.

  4. Be honest. Expressing your thoughts, feelings, goals honestly will allow you two to grow together. It makes the other aware of what is going on in one's life.

While there are many different ways you can keep relationships strong and happy these are just four ways I like to begin with. They are simple ways to maintain the relationship you care so much about.

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