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Strengthen Your Relationship || Offering Constructive Feedback

The modern world poses many challenges to even the most dedicated couples. Countless pressures, ranging from work to society stresses a relationship.

As a marriage and family therapist with over twenty-five years of experience in my own practice, as well as numerous years of personal experience, join me in this article series for five practical ways to build resilience in your relationship.


Relationships are strengthened through positive communication and encouragement. Many times, our desire to help or improve our partner may come across as criticism, which results in the gradual ruin of the intimacy in our relationships.

Relationships improve when partners understand how the other feels about their behavior, and do not feel attacked, belittled, or unloved.

Criticism – despite its intentions – breeds hostility and resentment.

Reframing criticism through positive communication and providing affirmation to your partner will result in growth and relational fulfillment.

It is crucial to provide the opportunity for your significant other to share their own perspective with you.

In reframing your communication to be positive and constructive, you create the space for discussion, rather than confrontation or accusation.

By offering affirmation and encouragement as you communicate with your significant other, you are strengthening your relationship.


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