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6 Strategies for Coping with Grief

When faced with an insurmountable loss, it may feel tremendously challenging to manage our feelings and thoughts. If you are facing the loss of a loved one, consider these six self-care strategies for coping with grief:

  • Maintain a routine. When our world is disrupted by grief, maintaining a routine may allow us to retain a sense of stability in an otherwise overwhelming and painful world.

  • Care for your body. Ensuring that you are regularly sleeping, eating a balanced diet, and exercising may improve your mood and resilience as you manage the deep sorrow you are experiencing.

  • Embrace your feelings. Feelings of sadness, anger, despair, confusion, loneliness, numbness, and pain are normal as you face the loss of a loved one. Acceptance, rather than resistance, allows us to process our emotions. If moments of happiness, delight, and joy occur, lean in and give yourself permission to enjoy these moments – your love for your lost loved one is not diminished by experiencing these moments.

  • Limit your media consumption. Our social media channels are saturated by the appearance of fun and light-hearted memories our friends and family members are experiencing. We may feel there is little room to share our grief online. Create space for your own experience by limiting or taking a break from social media.

  • Take a pause. Practice mindfulness. Consider investing in a journal or dedicating time to a meditative practice to reflect and explore your complicated emotions. Art also serves as a creative outlet to reflect and express your journey.

  • Treat yourself to a special dinner, a needed or desired gift, or a day of relaxation. Determine and communicate your boundaries to your friends and family to ensure that you have the space you need to grieve and incorporate self-care throughout your seasonal traditions, commitments, and social activities.

Self-care includes sharing with others about your feelings. If you need a listening ear as you navigate the grieving process, I’m available.


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You do not have to struggle alone. I am here to help.


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