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Taking Care Of Yourself During the Holidays

As the holidays get closer, the anticipation of fun and family… and STRESS begins to grow. Feeling overwhelmed at this time of year has become an unintended norm. Be assured it is natural to become a bit frazzled with the endless expectations, responsibilities, and so many lists!

The lists, however, help us stay on course. Making a list of what we need to get done allows us to sit down and give some thought to when and how we are going to achieve our holiday goals. Lists are a great idea to help us find our way. It’s surely a great feeling to check off an accomplished task!

Taking care of ourselves is a constant theme that I probably belabor. But, between the stress of making sure everyone is happy, the running from place to place or being on the computer finding something special for everyone, and the amazing food we can’t wait to eat, we have to find a way to preserve ourselves. As usual, eat healthfully, take some time to rest, and take some time for yourself.

One tool I suggest to help take care of ourselves is to write.

It’s fun to write a stream of thoughts and ideas, disappointments, worries, happy events, etc. And, it is very fun to read what your thoughts were after all the holiday celebrating is over.

Try it.. just sit at the computer or better, take a pen and paper and write without any focus on punctuation or sentence structure or good or bad words. You are not being graded.

I promise, if you keep it up, your writing will become like a good friend you can keep going back to over and over again.


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