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The Power of Grieving Together

The grieving process can be an isolating experience.

We feel alone in our thoughts and feelings, lost in the memories of our loved one.

We may feel unable to articulate our grief with our friends and family, worrying that we are inconveniencing them with our grief.

We may have the urge to withdraw in our relationships, wondering if anyone understands our pain and suffering.

As you process the loss of a loved one, consider joining a bereavement group for support.

Surrounded by others who have experienced loss, you can share your grief journey and connect with others who are walking through similar thoughts and emotions.

Within the group there is comfort in knowing your pain is understood and your grief recognized.

Bereavement groups create a safe place to express your unspoken thoughts and overwhelming emotions.

You are able to share your memories of your loved one without restraint. While no one experiences loss the same way, you are not alone in carrying the difficult feelings that accompany the grieving process.

With the members of a bereavement group, your grief is valid.

Bereavement groups provide the space for you to hear insight from others who are farther along in their grieving process. You will be introduced to new suggestions for coping with your grief.

As you listen to others’ unique experiences, you’ll learn to release your expectations for the grieving process and accept that you will process your loss in your own time and manner.

There is guidance and support for your process as part of a group. There is the opportunity for connection and friendships with those who have experienced a similar loss of a loved one. There is hope in the moments of healing shared by others as they walk through their own grief journey.

There is power in grieving together.

Reach out and join us. We are here for you. To learn more about current and upcoming groups, click here.


Join my online community for updates on support groups and additional resources.

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You do not have to struggle alone. I am here to help.

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