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Fall Feel Goods

Fall is a very exciting time for many people. It means family gatherings, snuggly weather, a break from school and work and so much more. It also means a lot of overwhelming activities that you may fear.

Fall is a great time to recognize what you DO enjoy and incorporate that into the season to build stronger relationships with others and within yourself.

Let’s break down some activities that can be used to spend quality time with yourself, your friends, or your family!


  • This is the season of pumpkin EVERYTHING! Get yourself a warm pumpkin drink, bring your family to the pumpkin patch, carve some pumpkins with your friends. The opportunities are endless. Pumpkins are a great way to bring people together.


  • Plan for ways to collaborate with family during this season. Times are tough with the pandemic ahead of us, but there are ways to connect beyond a sit-down meal. Schedule celebratory video calls, send each other gifts or food. There are still ways to celebrate, they just might be unconventional!

Outdoor activities

  • The weather is (usually) exceptional this time of year! Plan for outdoor activities like walks, picnics, bonfires, and anything else that feels festive to you and those participating.

During the Fall seasons it is normal to feel pressure to get involved in a large number of activities, but important to remember that big or small they are all meaningful!


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