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Let’s Get Together

Over the past year and a half, it’s safe to say you were either cooped up with your family indoors or unfortunately stuck in other places away from them in order to stay healthy. With that many families are in need of some relationship strengthening.

In familial relationships, it is very important to build routine and tradition to strengthen and build a bond.

Here are a few ways to implement traditions:

* Setting up dinner once a week.

Life can get pretty hectic with everyone being on different schedules, but it’s important to find one day of the week that works for each member to be able to come together to eat and share exciting moments from their lives.

* Putting down the phones.

Most of us are very guilty of this. We find it so easy to stay glued to our screens. Making sure that everyone is present when the family is together by putting away the screens is very important.

*Planning a weekend away.

This one is a little bit more extreme, but if you are able to, it's really wonderful to plan some time away with your family. Picking a place no one has been to create new memories and new experiences is so special.

* Schedule a family game night.

There is nothing more fun than sitting around a table with your family and laughing as you play a game you all love. Some of my favorites are rummikub, apples to apples or any card game!

It is so important for a family to focus on growing, learning, and bonding with one another. At the end of the day, it is so important to have each others backs and remember how we show love.


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