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Life with The Corona Cloud | Self-Care

Hope is on the horizon for a new normal to emerge. Vaccinations have begun, travel restrictions are easing up, and all across the country small gatherings are safely taking place.

The past year and a half brought tremendous challenges for most of us. The intense prolonged stress of our experiences has left us exhausted.

When we are experiencing exhaustion – especially from such a large, long-lasting event such as this – self-care plays an especially important role as move forward.

With our spring days warming up and daylight lasting longer, it’s the perfect time to lean into healthy self-care habits, such as the three practices listed below.

  • Maintain a work-life balance

For many of us, a hybrid work schedule may be a permanent adjustment for our workplaces. While working remotely, set clear boundaries and timeframes for work (and schooling!) to protect your priorities at home.

  • Get outside and enjoy nature

Take a walk or a bike ride. Meet a friend at a local park. Pack a nutritious snack, some cold water, a good book, and your journal – then sit under a shady tree to spend some time reading and journaling. Take in the beauty of the natural world and breathe in the scents of the season.

  • Intentionally connect (or re-connect) with others

Continue to reach out to your friends and family, staying connected in whatever ways work for you.

Make a point of re-connecting with those you’ve lost touch with during the last year. Find out how they’re doing and ask if they’d like to get together virtually or in person. Make a date and look forward to it!


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