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My Battle With Chronic Intestinal Illness

For the last fifteen years I have coped with chronic intestinal illness that originated on a trip to Mexico with a parasite situation. Through the years the doctors wanted to call it Crohn’s or Colitis.

Even thought that was not what it was the symptoms and experience were similar. After seven surgeries this past year I ended up with an ileostomy.

If you have gone through the same kind of experience and are adjusting to all of the layers of distress, pain, anxiety, and management, contact me today and I can help you through it.


Join my online community for updates on support groups and additional resources.

I will keep you in the loop of what is available for receiving support from me.

If you would like to talk about an area of your life you are struggling with, let me know. We can easily schedule a short 15-minute chat to explore how I might support you.

You do not have to struggle alone. I am here to help.


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