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Rejection is Redirection

As we enter the third year of a pandemic the word “disappointment” seems to loom. If you haven’t already I’d like for you to try and work with yourself to view unprecedented times as redirection.

I recently was dealing with my own disappointment, when I fell, broke my hip, and had to have surgery which interrupted my daily routine. As frustrating and defeating as it was, this time reminded me that I had to be open to adjusting to the unexpected. It also provided me the time to slow down, relax, reflect and spend extra time taking care of myself.

I’ve had a lot of time to think, catch up on my favorite tv shows and books, reach out to loved ones near and far and most importantly focus on myself!

As the new year begins to pick up I encourage you to remind yourself daily that everything happens for a reason. At the moment it may seem difficult to understand, but things really are meant to be. These things happen to get you on track.

Save this blog post and follow along to regain your footing when it is lost. It’s up to you to find the silver lining when your plans are changed.

I like to begin with acceptance when something happens that I cannot control. I encourage you to feel your feelings but begin to challenge yourself. Dig deeper and think about what good can come from this situation!

Treat yourself like you would treat a friend going through the same situation. If it helps, talk out loud to yourself like you would a friend seeking the same advice. Soothe yourself and remind yourself everything is going to be okay!

Disappointment is directly tied to expectations. This may be a great time to assess your expectations. Are they unrealistic?

If you are feeling disappointed by something being canceled, find ways to distract yourself. Schedule in time for hobbies and people you really enjoy! This will take your mind off of the plan or event you are missing. It’ll replace the thought with new, exciting memories.

The most important takeaway from this all is that the reason you are so upset is that you care! That is a wonderful trait we should recognize within ourselves. You wouldn’t be feeling so upset if you weren’t invested in the outcome.


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