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Treat Yourself The Way You Want Others To Treat You

Emily Golden PCC, has offered us a new rule to live by.

The New Golden Rule” is the name of her new book and her important instruction on how we could be served better in our lives if we lived this “rule”.

Her book is a life map that brings us to ourselves. Emily writes succinctly and empathically about the challenges we face in directing and managing ourselves. She is clear on why it is crucial to know what we want and guides us on how to get there; with no gender apologies.

Reading Emily’s book is like being in an in-person conversation with her. She gets it all. She is a mother, a wife, a professional, and she has had her share of health issues, which she shares openly.

Her ability to explore her own vulnerabilities and strengths - as well as ours - is a personal celebration for all of us.

It’s personal to her that we celebrate ourselves!

Read it. Follow the directions! You will love it!


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