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Life With The Corona Cloud | All The Feelings

I’ve been wanting to connect with you all about what we are experiencing.

I wanted more than a Facebook post or a quick text. So I’m writing you a letter...

Dear Neighbors,

It’s hard to find language we haven’t heard repeatedly. The words start losing their meaning. But, we are coping with the loss of the everydays that we created for ourselves and our families. The loss of our traditional celebrations of holiday, birthdays, proms, etc.

Every detail of our new life is impacting us in ways we don’t know yet.

Some of us are scared. Scared we might get sick or scared someone we love may get sick. Scared about the idea of losing our jobs.

Some may be angry or sad or some may be okay with learning to live at a slower pace, even relieved at not running from activity to activity.

I can list all of the signs of depression and anxiety, I can go on about how feeling overwhelmed is affecting you, etc. But I won't. Instead, I want you to know this: Don’t chastise yourself for feeling spent or worried.

My best advice is to ACCEPT where we are. To COME TO TERMS with now. We are all doing our best. YOU are doing your best.

Spring is a gift to us now. Enjoy th

e colors. Enjoy the change of season and the slower pace to admire it.

If you want someone to talk to, I’m available. Simply reach out.


Join my online community for updates on support groups and additional resources.

I will keep you in the loop of what is available for receiving support from me.

If you would like to talk about an area of your life you are struggling with, let me know. We can easily schedule a short 15-minute chat to explore how I might support you.

You do not have to struggle alone. I am here to help.


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