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Managing Anxiety As We Near The Election

The American Psychiatric Society, APA, has recently revealed that 69% of Americans are worried about the future of our country and 62% of Americans are feeling stress and anxiety in the present political climate.

This to say, you are not alone in your concern and even fear.

Here are some suggestions to help you manage the next several weeks.

  1. Limit your exposure to the constant news updates - television news, newspapers, checking your phone for political updates, etc. You can stay current by watching or listening to limited news exposure everyday.

  2. Avoid getting into disturbing political discussions with others, especially friends, who may not agree with your views. It is not worth losing friends.

  3. Get active in the campaign you believe in. Just the littlest effort will help the campaign and you.

  4. Take care of yourself. Find a quiet space and time where you can give your thoughts a total rest.

  5. Engage in physical activity. Try walking or any other form of exercise that appeals to you and that you can easily do.

  6. Use the coping mechanisms you know are helpful to you.

If you find your thoughts or feelings of anxiety interrupting your daily activity, reach out for support.


Join my online community for updates on support groups and additional resources.

I will keep you in the loop of what is available for receiving support from me.

If you would like to talk about an area of your life you are struggling with, let me know. We can easily schedule a short 15-minute chat to explore how I might support you.

You do not have to struggle alone. I am here to help.


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